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07-Jan-2017 17:02

I speak from personal experience when I mention that I have broken up with some of the nicest people you’ll ever meet. She had everything on my checklist – smart, silly, cute, good family, stable job, etc.

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Everyone calls me “the quiet girl.” Even the few friends that I have will introduce me to other people by saying “Oh here’s Kate, she’s quiet.” I usually end up sitting in the back of the class and alone at lunch. I like to read and I like to think I’m pretty artistic. Sorry for complaining but I get so sick of it sometimes! Here’s my response: Dear Kate, You aren’t wasting my time. The only person who can waste mine is me, and the only person who can waste yours is you. The difference is that I’ve done many things wrong in four years, yet I’m just too stubborn and prideful to admit it. They don’t want to hear your ideas and your perspectives (or anyone else’s, besides their own), they just want noise. When you to communicate something, you communicate it — and effectively, I might add.You should talk to him because if you don't your frustration will eat you up and you will end up blowing a fuse.just reading about your OH, sounded like me in my previous relationship!My mom loves your blog, she told me and my dad about it. Anyway, after she told me about you I went and looked up your blogs. I especially loved what you wrote about introverts.

She reads your new entries out loud almost every day at the dinner table! I don’t know if you remember it (this was a few months ago) but you stood up for introverts and said you are one yourself…. I’m writing to you because I’m very introverted also. Besides, even if I was bugged or annoyed, that would be my problem. You’re “ranting” because you have something to say.May be that he's just not interested in a social life. I am guessing you saw something in him when you married him? My husband is shy, lacks confidence, can be dull lol but he is also a good man wouldn't hurt me or my kids.

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