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17-Nov-2016 22:20

Maybe if I did find out this drama in Asian Wiki or somewhere I'd put it aside because the Asian Wiki plot was so vague. First meeting: You could say they became fast friends and Yoo Joon-soo was a friendly one and quite popular too.

I love Yoon So-hee(young Jang Gook) ever since the drama Marriage, Not Dating.

AND LEE WON-GEUN (young Yoo Joon-soo) IS A CHARMER AND VERY ADORABLE I LOVE HIM ALREADY and I'm preparing to watch Sassy Go Go.

I hate Da-hae so much, it's like she doesn't care about the world except for Joon-soo. Yes, yes he's the guy who bullied Joon-soo's dongsaeng, whom Joon-soo punched and later on came in their school for revenge.

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In contrast with Jesse and Celine’s initial existential gauntlet, “It’s Already Tomorrow’s” central thirtysomethings cross paths under rather prosaic terms.

Then the couple reunite twelve years later and get entangled in each other’s lives all over again.

Characters Lee So-yeon as Jang Gook / Jang Dal-Rae Namgung Min as Yoo Joon-soo Lee Tae-im as Joo Da-hae Young Cast Yoon So Hee as Jang Gook / Jang Dal-rae Lee Won Geun as Yoo Joon-soo Ryu Hyo Young as Joo Da-hae Well for starters, I never heard of this drama before. After reading the review (link at the top of the post), I swear I immediately got on my laptop and downloaded this drama. The drama opens with Jang Dal Rae on the way back to Korea after spending 12 years in America. Their family moves to Seoul from Busan after her dad passed away of an accident.

But honestly, I love this scene where Jang Gook made him apologize and "treat her with respect" as words of Gookie herself - although he did (unintentionally and accidentally) punched her.

I knew he'd have some special role later on and in dramas, the thugs always end up being the successful ones.

Meanwhile, a famous chef, Xiang Zi Yan, gets to know Xiao Tong and begins to develop feelings for her.