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After We’re so excited about the new season. AE: Did you have to do any chemistry reads with Moran or anything like that? I think they cast her out of LA, actually, and we’re shooting in New York so I wasn’t involved with that process. There’s a fitting, then the pictures are sent off for approval, and like fifty million people have to approve them and so I’m the last person they’re worried about!

It seems like we’ll be finding out a lot more about Diana. But as soon as they cast her, our showrunner sent a picture and was joking about my approval.

She attended Holy Trinity Primary School in Blackley, and North Manchester High School for Girls, before attending Oldham Sixth Form College to study for A levels in Media Studies, Theatre Studies and Performing Arts.

Thomason attended the Manchester Metropolitan University, receiving a Bachelor of Arts degree in English.

Delving into her home life, we’ll meet Diana’s girlfriend, Christie, played by Moran Atias, and see at least one full episode devoted to a storyline she dominates. And I’m the FBI agent in the pants, which is really fun for me. Do you get any say on what you wear on each episode? It seems like it’s pretty typically you and a bunch of dudes. MT: I hadn’t even thought of that but you’re absolutely right — it’s pretty much me and a bunch of dudes.

It’s got heart and it’s really entertaining and it’s so stylish. I liked this idea of a strong woman working in this male-dominated arena and she really holds her own. AE: And it’s great to see an out proud gay women character, too, doing what she does and being part of the FBI and being kick ass. I think the scene tomorrow is trying to take her down but she disappears.She played Brandy in the film My Baby's Daddy and Victoria in Black Knight. In January 2008, she appeared in Messiah V: The Rapture.In August 2008, Thomason was cast as a series regular in the CW show Easy Money. My dad is Scottish, English and native and my mom is like all African American like Oprah’s complexion.

Log in to Reply I’m black, scottishc, English and native American and my complexion is hers or a little lighter doing the winter month’s.In August 2008 Thomason was cast as a series regular in the CW show Easy Money.

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