Joaquin pheonix dating

13-Jun-2016 22:08

Joaquin Phoenix, 39, formerly named Leaf Phoenix, is as well known for his quirky antics and unpredictable behaviour as he is for his acting performances in movies such as Gladiator (which earned him an Oscar nomination and a BAFTA award), Walk the Line for which he won Best Actor at the Golden Globes and garnered another nomination for Best actor at the Oscar’s, and most recently, The Master, which earned him another Oscar nomination.He has also ventured into directing music videos as well as starring in the controversial ‘mockumentary’ I’m Still Here, directed by Casey Affleck, in which Phoenix makes an attempt to become a bonafide rapper.Phoenix's spokeswoman, Susan Patricola, denied the affair ever took place, saying: "Can you have a romance without going on a date?

Normal things, such as, 'Are your parents together?Walking with their arms wrapped around each other, the couple looked comfortable being close despite onlookers.The skinny on Teilz is that she's an Arizona native who's reportedly been spinning at parties from New York to Los Angeles since she was 16.This was the same time as he announced in the press that he had retired from acting.

In his personal life, he is currently dating the much younger DJ, Allie Teilz, 20.

He returned to acting about a year later and is now currently in the Italian capital promoting his latest film, "Her." During his down time, he reportedly spent time in San Pietro and at Gianicolo hill with Teilz and James Gray, the director of "The Immigrant," another movie Phoenix appears in.

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