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28-Jun-2016 11:53

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He was on the set of “Saturday Night Live” and doing his best Bill Clinton impression, continuing the show’s grand tradition of Presidential lampoons.

What does that 20-year-old clip about a dieting President have to do with Hulu today? We consider that sketch one of Hulu’s hidden gems, and we’ve always wanted to do a better job of highlighting these moments, whether it’s a funny bit from last night’s Jimmy Fallon, the week’s best TV episodes, a fresh import from the U.

Liz took the photo to a Baird club board meeting earlier this week, stumping everyone.

In 1992, the great comedian Phil Hartman threw on his Arkansas sweatshirt and walked into a Mc Donald’s.

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Votre caisse de sécurité sociale prend en charge la totalité du coût.

The researchers' computer model, published this week in the early online edition of the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, reproduces nearly all known shell shapes, ranging from scallops to whelks, and nearly all the shell patterns that make beachcombing so popular."The model gives us a remarkable ability to explain much of the dramatic diversity of both shape and pattern that we see in the natural world," Boettiger said. Jump to the link for great animations.