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18-Apr-2016 09:55

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Other males, meanwhile, simply vow to avoid entirely, they admit, what they imagine to be hubs of testosterone on parade.

Call it gym intimidation: a phenomenon not openly discussed among many non-flexing fellas – yet possibly a trend on the rise.

She's competed in 11 marathons, runs her own consulting firm and is working on her Ph. "You would think these are qualities men would like — and most [men] say they do—but sooner or later, I feel like they begin feeling inferior or inadequate as a man or breadwinner." Christine isn't alone in her frustration.

Visions of puffed pecs and bulky barbells slung like bottles of water by members of their own gender can, for many men, quickly torpedo New Year’s pledges. They remind these people of the existential crisis that cause their current state of being.